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Sunday, March 07, 2010

What are you a prisoner of, what in your life are you allowing to hold you back from great things happening in your life? God has this desire to see us living lives that are pleasing in his eyes, but these prison cells, these inward prisons that we currently find ourselves in are holding us back. I know it says in Galatians that "the whole world is a prisoner of sin"; but know that we can be free if we so desire. On that cross our sins were cleared, on that cross our bonds were paid. Like the song says; Jesus paid it all. We do not have to allow our finances, we do not have to allow our jobs, we do not have to allow our sexual desires, our families, our friends, and even ourselves hold us prisoner anymore. I'm a living witness that God can bring you out. I've been through things in my life, I've seen things in my life that if it wasn't for God; who knows where I would be. Get to know to God on a personal level. Get to know our father in the way he wants to know you. Learn to call on him, learn to trust in him; learn to thank him in all circumstances. I pray that you grow in understanding, I pray that you grow in wisdom. I pray that one day you will truly understand what it means to be free. Remember God has already posted bail, the price for all of our sins has already been paid. You know longer have to remain imprisoned, you are a child of God. Be free!

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